Cosmetic injectables

Dermal Fillers:

  • Before your treatment local anaesthetic will be applied for comfort, if requested. The dermal filler product also contain anaesthetic.

  • After your dermal filler treatment, there may be slight redness, swelling or tenderness in the treated area. These reactions are to be expected after an injection & usually resolve in a few days.

  • The initial swelling after a lip treatment may last longer. If symptoms persist or other reactions occur please contact your cosmetic injector.

  • Apply a cool compress to the treated area for 10minutes once or twice on the day of treatment. DO NOT apply ice directly on your skin!

  • Avoid strenuous exercise for 24hours

  • Do not expose the area to intense heat, like solariums, saunas or excessive sun exposure

  • Avoid pressure on treated areas for the first few nights, sleep on back if possible. For extra precautions sleep with an airplane pillow.

  • Do not massage the treated area unless instructed by your cosmetic injector.

  • After the local anaesthetic starts to wear off, some pain may occur, you may take Panadol or other pain relief if needed.

  • Avoid alcohol for 24hours

  • Do not use topical AHA's, Retinols/Vitamin C therapy or oil based make-up for 24hrs

  • Avoid facials, facial waxing, chemical peels, laser treatments, or energy based treatments & microdermabrasion for 2 weeks after treatments. Please check with your cosmetic injector before undergoing other facial treatments within this time.

  • There is a small chance that a treatment may induce an outbreak of facial cold sores in patients with a previous history.


Possible side effects:

  • Its not unusual to experience some mild side effects following dermal filler injections.

  • You may experience a mild headache after treatment, you may take Panadol to alleviate your headache.

  • Tenderness & bruising may also appear at the site of injection.

  • Necrosis may occur, as a result from arterial occlusion by direct injection into an artery or embolisation of product, typically presenting immediately with acute pain & blanching. It may also occur due to venous occlusion from external compression of a vessel by dermal filler or subsequent oedema & compression, more often with hyaluronic acid fillers. Venous occlusion usually presents later with dull pain & dark discolouration of the skin. This can be reversed if you notify your cosmetic injector immediately.

  • If you feel unwell or are concerned about any aspect of your treatment, contact your treating cosmetic injector at the clinic where you were treated.

Follow up appointment:

  • We use long lasting dermal fillers but not permanent

  • Treatments can last 6-12months depending on the area being treated, the amount used & the product which was selected for you.

  • Re-treatments after this time are required to maintain optimal effects.

  • A top up treatment within 2-4weeks after the initial treatment may be necessary to achieve an optimal correction.


  • Over the next few days, your treatment will begin to work, hydrating your skin from the inside. The benefits will build up gradually & subtly. You may begin to see positive results soon after your treatment, but further improvements can take around 1 month to become noticeable.

  • Improves in your skin include: skin hydration, skin elasticity, decreased roughness, reduced fine lines, & lessened skin imperfections such as acne scars.

  • You may initially experience some slight redness, swelling, pain & minor bruising around the treatment area. This is temporary & should gradually subside over the next few days, although in some cases may last for up to 2 weeks.

  • Do not expose your skin to excessive sun or extreme cold until any initial swelling or redness has subsided

  • You may apply a cool compress to the treated area for 10minutes once or twice on the day of treatment. DO NOT apply ice directly on your skin!

  • Avoid applying make up immediately after treatment. After about 24hrs you can use a light concealer to cover up any remaining redness.

  • Yellow toned concealers can be used to hide the signs of bruising. A concealer with a green tone is recommend for redness. We recommend Lira BB concealers, which can be found on our online shop.

  • If any effects become troublesome or persistent or other side effects occur, contact your cosmetic injector.


Follow up appointment:

  • To optimise the benefits from your beauty booster treatment & achieve an enduring, natural glow, your cosmetic injector will advised you on your next treatment session, usually within 4weeks after the initial treatment.